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President's Report for 2021

by Sandy Harris at the Annual Meeting 2021

I’d like to welcome everyone to the Annual Meeting of the Capital Kennel Club of Juneau. We’re meeting on zoom again this year which I’m sure none of us expected at this time last year. Thank you all for participating. Our activities have been limited over the past 18 months and I appreciate you making the time to attend the annual meeting.

Despite the limitations of the pandemic, we have a few highlights to celebrate.

Sue and Hazel had a manners class earlier this summer and Gina and Amber just finished a manners class. Both classes had full enrollment. Our manners and puppy classes have become very popular over the years and these four instructors have been very generous in sharing their time and expertise.

Sue and Hazel will be stepping back a little to do some traveling and maybe some relaxing. We are all tremendously grateful for the work they have done over the years to provide guidance to dog owners. Their classes have become very popular and word of mouth recommendations have created an ongoing demand for more classes. Thank you Sue and Hazel for all the work and care you have put into this endeavor over the past 12 years. My dog was in your first puppy class and I remember how pleased I was with your non judgmental and patient approach to his challenging behavior.

Jill held an intermediate/advanced agility class this summer. As usual, there were weather challenges.

The agility program overcame some obstacles this year. Hauling equipment to the practice sites has always been the hardest aspect of doing agility with your dog. This year, Marty negotiated with the city to place a shipping container on city parkland rent free and arranged for the purchase and installation of said shipping container. We are now able to store our agility equipment at the Lena Dog Park where agility activities are held. We were also able to downsize our storage unit once the agility equipment was moved. Thank you Marty for all the initiative and work that went into this.

We were not able to hold practices between November of last year and April of this year as there were no indoor spaces available. We started outdoor practices in May and finished in August.

In August we had two obedience trials and two rally trials. These were our first rally trials in two years. All four trials were the first trials we have had under the new UKC rules, so the trials were very much a learning experience for all of us. Jill Perry of Yakima, WA was our judge and she was very helpful in walking us through the new procedures. I was trial chair and Patti was trial secretary. Patti is a rock star. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she did to make the trial a success. Probably no one was more surprised than I with the success of the trial. We had more entrants than anticipated and a good number of qualifiers.

The board has been meeting on zoom on the third Thursday of every month. Please feel welcome to join us at any meeting. I’m grateful to work with such a congenial and engaged group of people. We do a lot of things that are not very noticeable like tinkering with language to make the meaning of instructions clearer and some things that are very noticeable like purchasing a shipping container. Through it all, I appreciate being able to work with people who speak up and who listen to each other. So, thanks Sue, Marty, David and Judy.

I also want to thank all the members who show up when we put out a call for volunteers. There is a lot of work that goes into running the activities we do each year. Some of it falls to board members, instructors, and other named people. A lot of it falls to the people who show up to haul equipment, steward trials, set up equipment, and run all sorts of errands. As some one who often sends out emails asking for volunteers, I am extremely grateful and appreciative of the people who respond to say they are available. Stephanie, Martha, Vicki are three who come to mind as among those who quietly show up and help out. There are others as well.

I’d like to begin a discussion of goals for the coming year. Jumbo Gym is available this fall for groups of fewer than 20 who are masked. We have planned an obedience practice and Jill will be doing indoor agility. Gina has offered to judge an obedience trial this winter and Marty has offered to be trial chair. We have talked as a board about the possibility of doing more fun matches, especially for rally. What are people’s thoughts about activities for the year? What are your priorities and what are you able to contribute?