CKCOJ Policies

As Amended: 2019-10-20
Effective: 2019-10-22

Policy 001. Classes of Membership.

Junior or "Puppy" membership age is 10-18 years. At the Puppy level members receive a newsletter subscription, ckcoj-announce and all discounts, but are not entitled to vote. Juniors are encouraged to volunteer for suitable tasks with parental consent, however adult supervision is required for ages 10 to 13.

Adult or "Best Friend" membership is over 18 years of age. At the Best Friend level members receive a newsletter subscription, ckcoj-announce, and are eligible for all discounts and benefits. Members are expected to volunteer for at least one event or position per year.

A family or "Dog Pack" membership option is available when more than one individual within a household are members of the Club. All individuals included in a family membership will have all the rights of regular members except that the family membership will have only one vote. Family members will be listed on the membership application form. Additional members may be added without Board approval. At the Dog Pack level members receive one newsletter per household. All family members receive discounts and benefits as above. Each family participant is expected to volunteer for one event per year.

A sustaining or "Champion" membership option is available to individual adults or families. At the Champion level the same discounts, benefits and expectations as with adult or family memberships apply, except that two people per household will have votes and both voting members are expected to volunteer for an event or a position. "Champion" members shall be listed in all event programs & newsletters. Up to 70% may be allocated to support specified areas of interest: obedience; agility; conformation; public relations and outreach; continuing education & seminars.

Policy 002. Membership Dues.

Membership dues are non-refundable. Annual dues are $15 for junior members, $30 for adult members, $40 for family membership, and $105 for Champion members. Fourth quarter dues shall be 50% of the annual amount. Memberships may be upgraded at anytime during the year by paying the difference between the membership categories. An additional fee of $5 must be paid in order to receive the club newsletter by US mail instead of electronic or e-mail format. 
(Amended 10/25/03 and 10/20/07)

Policy 003. Public Outreach Coordinator.

One member will be appointed as Public Outreach Coordinator and will be responsible for advertisement of events and arrangements for photographing club activities. The Public Outreach Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining a scrapbook of articles, photos, etc., of club activities.

Policy 004. Event Cost Planning Proposal.

The Event Cost Planning Proposal (the proposal) shall be completed for any proposed activity involving financial and/or physical assets of the club. The proposal shall include the name, location, chairperson, estimated funding expenses and estimated funding sources for the proposed activity. The proposal shall be approved by the board before commitments of any club assets are made.

The proposal shall be submitted to the Secretary, or another board member, and so noted in the meeting minutes. The proposal shall be maintained by the Secretary of the club with the meeting minutes with which the proposal was submitted. 
(Amended October 2005)

Policy 005. Event Chairperson.

The chairperson of a board approved planned event is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the event. Chair duties include, but not limited to, fiscal responsibility, equipment management, facility coordination and preparedness, volunteer coordination and reporting event results (financial and otherwise). The chairperson may delegate some of these duties to another club member , however, the chairperson is ultimately responsible for the aforementioned duties. 
(Amended October 2005)

Policy 006. Membership on Committees.

Every committee will have a Board member as a committee member, who will report its activities at Board meetings. Committee chairman shall keep the Board member advised of activity status.

Policy 007. Date of Board Meetings.

Board meetings, normally held on the third Thursday of each month, may be changed by vote of the Board members. In the event of a change in the date of such meeting, members will be notified in accordance with Article V, Section 3, of the Bylaws.

Policy 008. Effective Date of Club Membership.

Effective Date of Club Membership. Club membership begins when a completed application and full payment are received by the instructor, facilitator or treasurer. The treasurer, upon receipt of the application and payment, will send an email Notice of New Membership to all board members. If, within 7 days of that notice, any board member objects to that membership, that membership is immediately suspended and referred for a hearing at the next regular board meeting as outlined in the bylaws. Further, any discount given for a club activity will be rescinded if membership is revoked.

Policy 009. Responsibility of Event Organizer.

The member who organizes and/or is placed in charge of any event, function or merchandise sale is responsible for the collection, recording and balancing of any and all proceeds received from that event, function or sale before they are presented to the Treasurer for deposit. It is the responsibility of the organizer to provide relevant information (i.e.; dates, location, cost, etc.) to members in advance of the event through the club’s website and current email group.

Policy 010. Suspension for Unpaid Debt.

Anyone who has an outstanding amount payable to the Club for a previous event or activity cannot participate in another one until the debt is paid.

Policy 011. Waiver of Liability.

A waiver of liability will be included on all registration forms for classes, seminars, practices and other Club events. The club secretary will keep the signed waivers for one year following the end of each classes, seminars, practices and events. 
(Amended October 2005) 
See Document "Event Waiver of Liability"

Policy 012. Club Librarian.

One member will be appointed as club Librarian and will be responsible for storing club reference materials, videos and books and maintaining an inventory of such. The Librarian is also responsible for reasonable arrangements to make the library accessible to the membership.

Policy 013. Doggie Dollars.

As an incentive to encourage volunteers, CKCoJ may award doggie dollars to members who volunteer for club events. Volunteers do not have the right to them. The award of Doggie Dollars depends upon the financial well-being of the club and must be approved by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

Events lasting greater or less than that stated, should pro-rated. Doggie dollars & class fees shall be rounded up to the next multiple of 5. An instructor or assistant may work their dog(s) during any session as a demonstration dog. A facilitator may work their dog(s) during any session if s/he pays the appropriate fees. An “Event” is defined by Article II, Section 3 of the By-Laws.

The following activity (in bold print) schedule is for awarding doggie dollars:

  1. Activities, (class, seminar, workshop, practice, trial, or test):
    1. Instructor – $10 per individual class
    2. Assistant – $5 per individual class
    3. Facilitator – $40 per six week (agility, rally) practice
    4. Chair – $30 per two day event, (Co-chairs split the Doggie Dollars)
    5. Liaison – $5 per active month, (for Mt Jumbo, CBJ Parks & Recreation Dept, Community Schools, or Agility fields)
    6. Coordinator – $5 per event, (Practice Judge & Obedience or conformation practice session coordinator) 
    7. Miscellaneous Volunteer –
      1. $5 per month, (List Owner, PR Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Board Member, Training Coordinator, Webmaster, Special Committee Assignments & others)
      2. $5 per trial, (Photographer, Setup or cleanup crew [regardless of entry status] & Rally Obedience Course Builder)
      3. $15 per trial, (Trial Secretary & Agility Course Builder)
      4. Stewards, Timers or Scribes
        1. $5 per 1-4 Hours or
        2. $10 per over 4 Hours
      5. $5 per day, (Pet Festival/Responsible Dog Owners Day, Pet Photos w/Santa, 4th of July demonstration workers & others)

Doggie Dollars can be redeemed up to 50% toward the purchase of memberships, classes, entry fees, seminars and other goods and services as approved by the board. In a case where the issuance of Doggie Dollars is unclear, the event organizer should go to the Board for verification.

Rule: It is always best to err on the side of generosity. 
(Adopted October 2005 and amended December 2006, March 2007, and May 2007, and Reformatted October 2012)

Policy 014. Newsletter Subscriptions.

Newsletter subscriptions are available to the general public at the rate of $20 per subscription per fiscal year. Partial year subscriptions shall be prorated.

Policy 015. Dangerous Dogs.

Dogs deemed ‘dangerous’ or ‘potentially dangerous’ by Animal Control may not participate in any CKCOJ class or event. 
(Added October 27, 2001)

Policy 016. CKCOJ Newsletter Advertising Policy.

Issue: CKCOJ distributes a monthly newsletter to all members. From time to time, members or others may wish to place advertisements in the newsletter. This policy sets the conditions under which ads may be placed in the newsletter. Commercial advertisements that are accepted will be used to subsidize printing and distribution of the newsletter.

Non-commercial classified ads: Members in good standing may, at no charge, submit short dogrelated text classified ads of a non-commercial nature for inclusion in the newsletter. Examples might include: used crates or other equipment for sale, brags, litter announcements, homes wanted for rescue dogs, upcoming events of interest, equipment wanted, etc. What is non-commercial? An activity is considered to be non-commercial if it is not from an activity that is treated as a business on the member’s income tax return. A member who owns a commercial business may post a classified ad for an item that is not related to their business activity (e.g. personal equipment for sale). 

Commercial advertising: Commercial ads or display advertisements (such as “brags” accompanied by a photo) are accepted from both members and non-members. Members receive a 50% discount off the posted rates. All ads must be provided to the newsletter editor in electronic form. In addition, a hard copy of the ad, along with payment, must be sent to CKCOJ (P.O. Box 32513, Juneau, AK 99803). The ad will be published in the first issue after payment is received. The following rates are charged for ads:

  • Business card ads: $100 per year or $15 per insertion
  • Annual insertion rates are for the CKCOJ fiscal year. Charges for ads placed after the beginning of the fiscal year will be pro-rated.
  • Quarter-page: $25 per insertion
  • Half-page: $40 per insertion
  • Full-page: $70 per insertion

Rights reserved: The newsletter editor or the board reserve the right to reject either noncommercial or commercial ads for any reason, including lack of space or an item or activity being advertised that is contrary to the mission of the organization. When space is limited, new noncommercial ads will be given priority over ads that have been previously published. At this time, no breeder ads or ads offering puppies for sale or placement will be accepted.

Policy 017. Trophies and Other Awards.

Ribbons will be provided by CKCoJ for all trials. It is up to the discretion of the trial chair as to whether trophies will be awarded at the event. It is up to the trial chair or committee to raise any funds necessary to purchase trophies. 
(October 12, 2002)

Policy 018. Training Policy.

Although there is some overlap, classes fall into two general categories -- “manners” classes designed to help the owner live with a well-mannered dog, and “hobby” classes designed to allow the owner to participate in some aspect of competitive dog activity.

It is the explicit policy of the club that, with the exceptions below, no training method is endorsed or banned. Instructors may teach any method or combination of methods that in their experience they find effective.

“Hobby” classes are expected to be enjoyable to the dog as well as the trainer. Therefore, no instructor of these classes may teach, demonstrate, advocate, or allow to be used in the class any harsh method, such as that which may causes physical pain or fear to the dog. “Manners” classes are for the purpose of making the dog safe and pleasant to live with. Instructors in those classes may use the minimum force necessary to achieve that purpose, taking into account, the size, breed, age, background, and temperament of the dog, and the size and strength of the handler. Harsh methods will not be advocated. 
(Adopted January 14, 2003)

Policy 019. Funding for Instructor, Co-instructor, and Assistant Training.

In order to encourage and facilitate continuing education for regular CKCOJ instructors, co-instructors, and assistants, the club will provide limited funding strictly for seminars and classes oriented towards instructors and improving their abilities.

  1. Applications will be approved on a first-come, first serve basis.
  2. Applications may be submitted prior to the event, or applications for funding can be submitted up to 90 days after the seminar has taken place. Once the application is approved, the club will reimburse the individual after the applicant has taught the required class and provided a synopsis.
  3. A maximum of $250 per seminar registration will be awarded and will be paid to the recipient once the teaching requirement has been met. 
  4. The education committee, working with the club's treasurer will determine the amount to be spent each fiscal year based upon a percentage of the club's income from classes.
  5. Applications will not be approved if CKCOJ’s bank account balance will fall below $7,500 as a result of funding a training request.
  6. Adoption of this policy in no way guarantees or obligates funding of training requests, and the final approval of any training funding rests with the CKCOJ Board.
  7. Applications will be scored out of a maximum of 100 points.
  8. Only those applications earning 85 points or more will be approved.
  9. Applications are to be submitted (electronically or paper) directly to the club president and/or education committee for distribution to board members at least ten (10) days before the next board meeting.
  10. The application will be reviewed and recommendations by the education committee will be passed on to the board. The club's education committee and/or the club's President will contact the applicant following the meeting with the board’s decision.

Club members who are provisionally approved for CKCOJ funding must teach a class and present a synopsis in the same genre as the seminar to the club within twelve (12) months.

Instructor: Organizes the class by contacting the Facilities Coordinator to obtain a facility to hold the class, contacts the publicity person to place the appropriate advertisements, and contacts the Webmaster to list the class on CKCOJ’s web site. Acts as the contact for participants to call and/or email for class information. Develops the class curriculum, sets the class rules, and teaches the class. Collects the registration forms and money, and turns the money over to the Treasurer.

Co-Instructor: It takes two or more instructors to co-instruct, each sharing equally in the duties listed above under “instructor,” with particular emphasis on the actual teaching of the class and the development and presentation of the curriculum.

Assistant: Works under the direction of the class instructor or co-instructors.

Criteria for funding:

  1. 25 Points - Member in good standing. 
    A member in good standing will be current with their membership dues and follow the club’s code of ethics. A member in good standing will have a history of taking good care of club equipment, have all equipment returned on time, and have a history of keeping rented facilities clean. A member in good standing will have lived up to all previous agreements made with the club. Any failure of the above requirements will be given a 25-point deduction.
  2. 40 Points - Previous instruction. 
    35 points will be awarded if the applicant has been the main instructor or co-instructor for at least one six-week class in the same genre as the seminar within the previous twelve (12) months. 
    35 points will be awarded if the applicant has been an assistant for at least three (3) classes during the previous twelve (12) months, has a letter of recommendation from one or more instructors or co-instructors that s/he has worked for, and the classes that the assistant has worked in are the same genre as the seminar.
  3. 30 Points - Summary of what the applicant anticipates learning and what will be brought back to the club.
    1. 10 points - What is your interest in taking this course?
    2. 10 points - How do you anticipate applying what you learned to your teaching?
    3. 10 points - How do you see this seminar benefiting the club?
  4. 5 Points - Copy of course description or flyer. 
    Applicant will be awarded 5 points for including promotional material and class description with their application.

In addition, the CKCoJ Board may approve a discount rate for class instructors, co-instructors and instructor's assistants for club hosted seminars and workshops that the club decides will be beneficial in their implementation, performance or general knowledge, to aid and/or employ in future club classes.

The discount rate will be subject to case-by-case review at the time the seminar proposal is introduced to the CKCoJ Board for approval. The CKCoJ Board will determine the amount of the discount given, at the time the event is approved.

To qualify for the discounted rate, class instructors, co-instructors and instructor's assistants will have to be a member in good standing and have been involved in teaching or assisting a class in the 12 months preceding the dates of the seminar. 
See Document “Application for Funding for Instructor Training Seminars/Classes”

Policy 020. Free Membership for Class Instructors.

Class instructors, co-instructors and assistants will be awarded free membership if they have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Instructors and co-instructors must have taught at least one six-week class within the past twelve (12) months.
  • Assistants must have assisted in at least three (3) six week classes during the past twelve months. 
    (Adopted October 2005)

Policy 021. Refunds.

Refunds, other than membership dues, will be granted for any reason for public classes, seminars, or trials (prior to exhibiting the dog) when requested by the participant. In cases where a practice is a break-even event, refunds will be left up to the discretion of the coordinator. It is always best to err on the side of generosity. 
(Adopted October 2005)

Policy 022. Reimbursement for Certain Expenses.

In order to support Kennel Club activities, and for the benefit of the club, and to encourage members to become evaluators and judges or to become a representative of the club to a national canine organization, CKCoJ will offer an incentive of reimbursement of fees charged by the certifying organization to obtain the certification as an evaluator or judge or fees required to be paid to the national canine organization in order to serve as a club representative to that organization, available to any member in good standing once the member is certified and provides the board with a copy of the certification or recognition by the national canine organization as the representative of the club to that organization.

Within two years of receiving the certification as an evaluator or judge or within one year of becoming a recognized club representative to a national organization, the member must either

  1. teach or co-teach a related class open to club members and the public, or
  2. be an evaluator or a judge for two tests or trials open to club members and the public.

The amount of fees to be reimbursed should be included as an expense when the Event Planning Budget Form is presented to the board for approval of the event. Once the class, trials, or tests are completed, the club member will receive reimbursement of the fee from the board.

Members of the club who intend to take advantage of this policy should notify the board in writing of their intent before costs are incurred in obtaining the certification or recognition. Club members who have been approved by the board are eligible to receive benefits under this policy in accordance with the terms set out above. The board will annually decide based on the financial condition of the club whether club members who have not been previously approved by the board will be eligible to receive benefits under this policy during that year. 
(Added December 2006)

Notes: The list is meant to be inclusive. Specific events/sponsors are not listed, so that future activities might be included if they arise. Another requirement to consider is that the fees not create an anticipated negative return on the event planning budget.

Policy 023. Membership Notification.

Notification to members will be done through the club’s current email group and website. The club’s current email group is ckcoj-announce.