CKCOJ Board President Position Description

Board Approved Date: 2018-08-16
Effective Date: 2018-10-01

Standard Board Duties:

  1. Attend board meetings
  2. Attend annual member meeting
  3. Encourage members to engage in volunteering for club events.
  4. Complete bank form and become a bank signatory for CKCOJ
  5. As needed, distribute business cards to individuals and organizations including veterinary clinics, GHS, and pet stores.

Position Duties:

  1. Chair the monthly board meetings.
  2. Chair the annual meeting.


  1. Be ombudsman for membership.
  2. Work with the secretary to draft the agenda, which is distributed to board members before the board meeting.
  3. Keep track of the keys to the storage unit, checking them in and out.
  4. Present the president’s report summarizing club activities and accomplishments for the year at the annual meeting.
  5. Present the awards at the annual meeting.
  6. Notify Doggie Dollar Coordinator of board member attendance of monthly meetings.