CKCOJ Board Secretary Position Description

Board Approved Date: 2018-08-16
Effective Date: 2018-10-01

Standard Board Duties:

  1. Attend board meetings
  2. Attend annual member meeting
  3. Encourage members to engage in volunteering for club events.
  4. Complete bank form and become a bank signatory for CKCOJ
  5. As needed, distribute business cards to individuals and organizations including veterinary clinics, GHS, and pet stores.

Position Duties:

  1. Update the state corporation forms
    1. Notice of change of officers as needed
    2. Registered Agent as needed
    3. Submit Biennial Report (every other year)
  2. Keep meeting minutes
  3. Establish agenda for meetings by:
    1. Including standard items
    2. Query the President and other board members for additional items
    3. Include items requested by general members
    4. Include items identified in prior meeting
  4. Send draft minutes out to board for review within 1 week after meeting.
  5. Update draft minutes with any corrections from board members.
  6. Send final minutes to the webmaster for publication after approved by board
  7. Maintain a binder with meeting agendas and minutes, include materials/paperwork from meetings
  8. Keep event forms presented to the board for approval
  9. Archivist – keep Constitution, By Laws and policies up to date