CKCOJ Board Treasurer Position Description

Board Approved Date: 2018-08-16
Effective Date: 2018-10-01

Standard Board Duties:

  1. Attend board meetings
  2. Attend annual member meeting
  3. Encourage members to engage in volunteering for club events.
  4. Complete bank form and become a bank signatory for CKCOJ
  5. As needed, distribute business cards to individuals and organizations including veterinary clinics, GHS, and pet stores.

Position Duties:

  1. At the beginning of each year new signature cards need to be filled out and returned to First National Bank Alaska. There are three branches in town. The bank will offer assistance. There are several cards for each person to fill out. Two board members must sign all checks.
  2. All receivables are logged into a check register (checks written to the club).
  3. All receivables are accounted for on income statement and summary statement.
  4. Deposit all checks written to the club.
  5. Doggie Dollars are accounted for on a separate ‘Doggie Dollar’ summary statement. To have the exact amount for each individual “project” look at the summary statement and the statement for ‘Doggie Dollars’. The ‘Doggie Dollar’ summary sheet is not necessary for any external accounting functions.
  6. Assets page is kept will all equipment bought with date and cost.
  7. Payables are logged into the check register (All payables must have an invoice, receipt or email as backup).
  8. Payables are accounted for on income statement, summary statement and check register.
  9. Maintain class/seminar participant forms with signed waivers for at least three years after the class/seminar are offered
  10. Archive Membership Forms and retain for at least three years.


  1. Pick up all mail form the P.O. Box (which includes membership applications and other correspondences).

Important Information:

  • Signature Cards: The club has one checking account. The account needs two signatures to process checks.
  • The club’s EIN is 94-3110227
  • The CBJ Tax Exempt # is 230
  • The CBJ Sales Tax Filing account #01003189