CKCOJ Facilities Coordinators/Liaisons Position Descriptions

Board Approved Date: 2018-08-16
Effective Date: 2018-10-01

Mt. Jumbo Facility Coordinator


  1. Reserve spaces for classes/practices to take place at Mt. Jumbo Gym with Parks and Rec handler.
  2. Forward all bills to treasurer.
  3. Collect money from participants. Turn in money to the treasurer.
  4. Take care of equipment stored at Mt. Jumbo Gym. When practices/classes end for the season return materials to the club storage unit.

Community Schools Coordinator


  1. Reserve space for classes/practices – usually DZ and Riverbend Commons during the school year. Reserve covered playgrounds for practices/ classes and trials during she summer months.
  2. Forward all bills to the treasurer.
  3. Assist treasurer in designating the billing to the appropriate categories i.e. obedience practice, basic obedience class, puppy kindergarten, CGC, etc.

Facilitators for Events, Practices, Classes, and Seminars


  1. Ask Facilities Coordinator to reserve space for the practice sessions.
  2. Design registration forms with date and locations and send registration forms to webmaster to be posted on website.
  3. Collect money from participants and coordinate equipment with participants.
  4. Turn in money to the treasurer.