CKCOJ Agility Facilitator Position Description

Board Approved Date: 2018-08-16
Effective Date: 2018-10-01


  1. Organize agility classes.
  2. Reserve baseball/soccer fields by February 2 with Parks and Recreation through online calendar system.
  3. Reserve space for any agility trials and seminars through Parks and Recreation.
  4. Assist treasurer in designating categories for billing.
  5. Design registration forms with date and locations and send registration forms to webmaster to be posted on website.
  6. Collect registration forms and money from participants.
  7. Turn in money to treasurer.
  8. When registration for all level of classes are completed, divide time according to number of participants allowing for set up and break down of the equipment.
  9. Notify participants of start and ending times and where they will meet.
  10. Evaluate and inspect equipment. Request board to approve any new or replacement equipment needed. Order approved equipment.