Our People

The following are the officers, board and volunteers that provide the organizational functions for CKCOJ. Along with our instructors and members, we strive to make this the best kennel club in the state.

Current CKCoJ Officers 2016-2017

President - Sandy Harris
Vice President - Martin Phelan
Secretary - Ammie Rector
Treasurer - George Utermohle
Member at Large - David Garrison

Current CKCoJ Board Members:

Ammie Rector (term expires 9/2017)
Martin Phelan (term expires 9/2017)
George Utermohle (term expires 9/2017)
David Garrison (term expires 9/2018)
Sandy Harris (term expires 9/2018)

Other Volunteers:

JSD Facilities Coordinator - Jill Grose
Mt. Jumbo Facility Coordinator - Sandy Harris
NADAC Agility Liaison - Mike Higgs
Conformation Liaison -  VACANT
Newsletter Editor - Jodi Garrison
Club Librarian - George Utermohle
Club Webmaster - George Utermohle
CKCOJ-announce e-mail list moderator - VACANT
Doggie Dollars Coordinator - Cheryl Jebe
CKCOJ_agility e-mail list moderator - Lynne Johnson
Publicity Chair - VACANT
CKCOJ Info - Mike Higgs
Club Historian - VACANT