Dogs on Trails



In light of the recurring controversy over the dogs on trails issue, several CKCOJ members and other members of the public have formed a good dog walkers advocacy group - The Grateful Dogs of Juneau.

This group hopes to promote public awareness of what it means to be a canine good citizen and responsible dog owner on Juneau trails in a variety of manners.

We are hoping to encourage ALL members of the Juneau dog community to join this group, to advocate for our rights as dog owners to responsibly use and enjoy Juneau's public parks, beaches, paths, trails, etc.  All dog folks are welcome and encouraged to attend! Invite your friends who are not CKCOJ members too!

As a community service, The Grateful Dogs organizes poop scoop on on area trails during most months.  Check the Grateful dogs web site for information on the next poop scoop.   If you can participate, please bring a bucket or large bag, a shovel or other poop scooper, gloves if you want them, and your good cheer.  Dogs optional!

Check the Grateful Dogs web site for the next meeting of the Grateful Dogs.

For further information or to become a member, check out their website.