Introduction to Scent Work Nov-Dec 2023

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  November 25, 2023 09:00 AM

  Mt Jumbo Gym, Douglas AK

NOTE: Registration is currently open to Current CKCOJ Members Only until October 10th for special price of $120.00. After that date it will be open to the general public for the normal price of $150.00.

This six week class will cover how to get started in UKC Nosework. We will begin by imprinting the birch scent on your dog and teach your dog an alert behavior. Once your dog has paired birch odor with reward we will move on to container searches starting with glass jars, then cardboard boxes and moving on to simple interior/exterior searches. We will also stress going all the way to source and how to read your dog's behavior when it is in an area of odor.

It’s super important to attend all classes as there will be minimal time to catch up and each class will build on the previous class. It’s also important to practice every day (only 5-10 min per session) especially the first two weeks.

Scent work kits available for additional $12.50 payable the 1st night of class.


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Pat Kalbaugh
9am to 10am
Saturdays Nov 4th thru Dec 9th
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