Manners Class


Manners class will help you and your dog learn the basics of good behavior and working together. This class will provide you with a strong foundation for good behavior interacting in social situations with your dog. This class will also provide you with the basic behaviors - sit, stay, down, leave-it - that are essential for a good relationship and safety.

This class is a six week course for dogs over 6 months of age. It’s main design is for the family dog. It is totally on leash. We assume your dog has no training from the start, so the emphasis is on the basic commands. Another focus throughout the class is getting your dog to learn to ignore other dogs while on leash. We also work on exercises that will help you and your dog be better prepared when you are out and about on the trails. It’s also a good refresher class if you are interested in moving on to formal obedience, rally obedience, agility, or other dog sports.

Class scheduling is based on interest and space rental availability. If you are interested in this class, please contact Hazel Reynolds (instructor).